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September 27 and 28

Participation in symposiums and concerts as guest Ensemble-Scene of “Deutscher Musikrat”

Villa Elisabeth, Berlin (Germany)

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TRIO vis-à-vis participates as guest in the event in the Villa Elisabeth in Berlin, where the ensembles can present themselves and at the same time relevant topics of the ensemble scene are discussed with renowned guests. The concerts and the symposium should intertwine and deal with diversity in terms of content (sometimes more concretely, sometimes loosely).

October 1

Flöten Festival Freiburg 2023

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Flöte e. V.
“SPOT ON MARIA KALESNIKAVA”: Concert dedicated to Maria Kalesnikava.

University of Music Freiburg

4 PM

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TRIO vis-à-vis plays “Penelope, eine Studie über das Warten” (2021/2022), of Helena Canovas and Maike Graf in a concert dedicated to Maria Kalesnikava.

November 14

Internationales Digitalkunst Festival


Works of N. Thòmas Smith, Helena Cánovas, Sophie Pope, Nicolai Worsaae and Catharina Backman.

Württembergisches Kunstverein (Stuttgart)

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The concert SCENES presents various short music theater pieces, which were created for the TRIO vis- à-vis as a composition commission. They include scenes from the works of the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca and from his own life as a writer; a contemporary interpretation of the Greek mythology and female figure Penelope from a 21st century perspective and her exploration of fidelity, chastity, waiting and unconditional love; a musical exploration of animal behavior in relation to groups as opposed to solitary; arrangements of songs from different periods (classical, romantic and pop) and the setting and staging of erotic poems written by Natasha López.

More information and tickets: www.idkf.com

December 7 and 8

Reopening: VIRUCIDE, ein interaktives Musiktheater mit Figurentheater, Tanz und Neuen Medien über COVID-19

Bunker at Diakonissenplatz (Rosenbergstr. 23), Stuttgart

7.30 PM

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TRIO vis-à-vis and guests play VIRUCIDE as part of the Internationales Digitalkunst Festival Stuttgart.

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December 9

Concert dedicated to Maria Kalesnikava

Kutschersaal (Esslingen)

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TRIO vis-à-vis plays a concert dedicated to Maria Kalesnikava, her music colleague member of TRIO vis-à-vis and friend, who has become a political prisioner since September 9, 2020 in Minsk (Belorussia).