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October 28, 29 & 30

VIRUCIDE, a digital and super-digital music theater performance with performers, puppet theater and new media (2021/2022)

Stuttgart, Germany

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VIRUCIDE describes the dramatic story of an acellular microscopic infectious agent (SARS-CoV-2) from an artistic point of view. It’s a biological drama inspired by the development of the COVID-19 virus in recent years and mainly describes the fight between two protagonists: SARS-CoV-2 and the antidote VIRUCIDE. The music theater performance presents the different phases of the course of the disease of the COVID-19 virus in connection with their social effects and at the same time deals with the social, psychological, political, economic and human dimensions in relation to the consequences. Ultimately, VIRUCIDE is music theater about life and death.

The music theater is conceived as a musical hike through the underground bunker (the inside of the body). The audience can experience the different phases of the COVID-19 disease through the scenes in which the symptoms and effects of this disease develop. The musical theater will also offer the audience the opportunity to take an active role by allowing the performance to choose between the two proposed endings: death or recovery. Each ending takes place at a different exit of the bunker.

The project shows the double edge of globalization: on the one hand, the strength of humanity to organize and act globally and, on the other hand, the fragility of humans in the face of the accelerated spread of diseases. The illusion of immortality that has been dormant in the collective unconscious of humanity in the 21st century has been taken away from us by the pandemic. How do we deal with the globalized world?

Musicians and performers:
​TRIO vis-à-vis: Guillermo González, flute; Natasha López; voice and violin; Hugo Rannou, ​violoncello​
​Marija Skender: Keyboards and dance
​Robert Buschbacher: Puppet theater and puppeteers
​N.N.: 2 Performers
Stage design/Digital and super-digital object installations:
​SENS TRANS TECNO Kollektiv: Manuel Hottmann and Jan Cafuk
Composition/Video production and electronics: Remmy Canedo
Stage director/Dramaturgy: Maryna Mikhalchuk
Concept, Lyrics and project management: Natasha López

A production of Natasha López and Remmy Canedo

Funded by: Musikfonds e. V., LBBW-Stiftung and DMR

Cooperation partners: FTTS e. V. and SKAM e. V.

With the kind support of: KU-BU.de (Kultdiak Stuttgart e. V.)

November 6

Contemporary music at the concert series “apropos”

Q Galerie, Schorndorf (Stuttgart)

6 PM

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TRIO vis-à-vis plays contemporary music at the “Q Galerie” (Schorndorf).


January – February

Concert hall of MUSEO DEL PRADO

Madrid, Spain

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TRIO vis-à-vis plays contemporary music in relation to the exhibition of the paintings of Fernando Zóbel.

July – August

International Kalamata Music Days

Kalamata, Greece

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TRIO vis-à-vis gives master classes of contemporary music („extended techniques“ for violoncello, flute and voice, as well as the study of the most important and relevant works in 20. and 21. century in classical musical for the corresponding instruments of its cast) and a concert of contemporary music at the end of the festival