Unendliche Freiheit?

Aspects of “Infinite Freedom” will be examined in the new TRIO vis-à-vis project, which will be premiered on May 8, 2020 as part of the “Südseite Nachts” at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart. The two composers Silvia Rosani (Italy) and Alberto Bernal (Spain) approach the topic from a similar point of view. They question the relationships and boundaries between word, image and sound as well as the socio-political dimension of the composition process.

It is about a new role assignment of artists and audience, the abolition of the existing hierarchies, the paradox of infinite freedom in our western neoliberal society, the boundary between the individual and the mass movements and finally the connection between poetry and economy, of free will and coercion and of individual and collective actions.


Alberto Bernal: impossible music #3 «stummer schrei»
Interactive installation

Silvia Rosani: White Mask, from “White Masks”
Cycle for cello, live electronics and vibrating metal plates (2016-2019) / 7′

Silvia Rosani: Ai Limiti delle soglie II: con moto trasversale (WORLD PREMIERE), for soprano, cello, flute, composer and hybrid electroacoustic instruments (2019/20) / 15 ‘
A composition order from TRIO vis-à-vis *

Silvia Rosani: Als ich ein Kind war, Nr. 1., from the cycle “Ai limiti delle soglie”, for soprano and live electronics (2017) / 12 ‘

Alberto Bernal: (neo)liberal systems #2 «crescendo», for variable cast and live electronics (2019) / 10 ‘

Alberto Bernal: Made in China (WORLD PREMIERE), for soprano, cello, flute, audiovisual projection and live audio tracking (2020) / 15 ‘
A composition order from TRIO vis-à-vis *

Silvia Rosani: Interactive installation

*with the support of the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg Foundation

Festival Südseite Nachts

Concert Room P1, Musik der Jahrhunderte

20 Uhr