• temA, Helmut Lachenmann

Recording and editing by Prof. Matthias Hermann

  • Auf tönernen Füssen, Beat Furrer
  • Replication #1,  Nicolai Worsaae.

Song 1. #Wonne der Wehmut

Song 2. #Erstarrung

Song 3. #Intermezzo (Die Stille)

4.SONG: #Exit/Abschied


A music and dance performance for 3 dancers and 3 musicians about power and freedom.

“If there are power relations that run through the entire social field, it is because there is freedom everywhere (…). In actual many cases, the power relations are so firmly established that they are permanently asymmetrical and the scope for freedom is extremely limited.” (Michel Foucault)
Premiere: 25.07.2019, Musik der Jahrhunderte, Theaterhaus (Stuttgart, Germany)

Composition/ Live electronics/ Video: Remmy Canedo
Artistic direction/ Choreography: Alexandra Mahnke
Concept & Project management/ Production: Natasha López
Yahi Nestor Gahé: DANCE
Maria Kalesnikava: FLUTE
Natasha López: VOICE
Alexandra Mahnke: DANCE
Marija Skender: DANCE
Video documentation: Nikola Kaloyanov
Video edition: Remmy Canedo
Text excerpts from: Michel Foucault, “Macht und Freiheit”; Michel Foucault, “Care of the Self” and “The will to freedom”, of “Critique and Ethics”.

A production of: InterAKT Initiative e. V.
Funded by: Stadt Stuttgart, LBBW-Stiftung and S-K-A-M e. V.
With the kind support of Musik der Jahrhunderte Stuttgart e. V., GEDOK Stuttgart and DUNDU.

Allons, from the cycle “Paroles y palabras” (Quattro pezzi per soprano e violoncello, 2001), by IVAN FEDELE

Querida presencia, from the cycle “Paroles y palabras” (Quattro pezzi per soprano e violoncello, 2001), by IVAN FEDELE

Ai limiti delle soglie: con moto trasversale II (2020), by Silvia Rosani

For soprano, violoncello, flute, Composer and hybrid electroacoustic instruments (feedback on metal panels and bass flute, motors)

Laudation for the concession of the human rights award to Maria Kalesnikava by the “Gerhart and Renate Baum Foundation”

Performed at ECLAT Festival,
7.02.2021 THEATERHAUS, Stuttgart

“We dedicated this concert to our flutist and friend Maria Kalesnikava and through art we support her release as well as the implementation of democracy for Belarusian people” TRIO vis-à-vis

A production of: ECLAT Festival, Musik der Jahrhunderte
Financed by: “Gerhart und Renate Baum Stiftung” and Stiftung Landesbank Baden-Württemberg