The Trio

Foto: © Maxim Shumilin

The Neue Musik Ensemble TRIO vis-à-vis (flute, violoncello and voice) was created through intensive rehearsals with Lachenmann’s temA in 2012. The three musicians: Marie Louise Lind (violoncello), Sabine Beisswenger (flute) and Natasha López (voice) got to know each other during their studies at the Musikhochschule Stuttgart and played together until 2016. Since 2017 the trio has new members: Maria Kalesnikava (flute) and Hugo Rannou (cello).

As the name implies, they work very closely with composers, instructing them to write for their particular cast and focus on both the repertoire of classical contemporary music and the most up-to-date and novel experimental music. The aim of the trio is to broaden its commission programme, to find and express a contemporary language of the modern man.

The trio has worked with Lachenmann and since then has received many world premieres by composers such as Claudio Ambrosini, Jesse Broekman, Huihui Cheng, Alexandra Filonenko, Alberto Hortigüela, Koka Nikoladze, Silvia Rosani and Nicolai Worsaae for their cast. They have played at TonArt Festival Esslingen, at Neue Töne Open Festival (Stuttgart), at the concert series Südseite Nachts (Musik der Jahrhunderte, Theaterhaus Stuttgart), at Lachenmann PERSPEKTIVEN Festival in Stuttgart, at the lecture recital at the Royal Danish Academy of Music (Denmark), at Suså Festival in Denmark, at ECLAT Festival and at various concert series by SKAM (Stuttgarter Kollektiv für Aktuelle Musik).