The contemporary music ensemble TRIO vis-à-vis was founded in 2012 at the music conservatory in Stuttgart, Germany by Marie Louise Lind (violoncello), Sabine Beisswenger (flute) and Natasha López (voice) during intensive rehearsals for Helmut Lachenmann’s composition temA. From 2017 to 2020 Maria Kalesnikava (flute), Hugo Rannou (violoncello) and Natasha López (voice) formed the trio. Due to the imprisonment of the flautist and politician Maria Kalesnikava in September 2020, the trio was compelled to make another change and Guillermo González took on the role of the flautist until 2022 and Petra Arman from 2022. Since then, the trio has been committed to supporting its friend and musician Maria Kalesnikava by dedicating concerts and events to her political activity.

As the name implies, the ensemble works very closely with composers. The trio regularly commissions new compositions for its distinctive instrumentation and is dedicated to experimenting with new ideas. The three musicians combine the love of the unknown and an enthusiasm for contemporary music, leading them to creative, interdisciplinary and highly topical projects that deal with social and human issues in connection with music. The trio regularly works with artists from other fields such as dance, fine arts, puppet theatre, new media, theatre, etc. in order to intensify the musical and artistic experience. Extraordinary projects and venues give these musicians a distinctive identity that shapes them and is characterized by their originality and creativity both as an ensemble and as soloists.

The repertoire of TRIO vis-à-vis includes classical modern works as well as contemporary and experimental works. The trio has worked personally with Lachenmann and has performed many premieres dedicated to it by composers such as Claudio Ambrosini, Jesse Broekman, Ulrich Kreppein, Sophie Pope, Remmy Canedo, Huihui Cheng, Alberto Hortigüela, Koka Nikoladze, Silvia Rosani, Alberto Bernal, Nicolai Worsaae, and Helena Cánovas i Parés, among others.

TRIO vis-à-vis has played at the most important festivals and concert series for contemporary music, for instance at the TonArt Festival Esslingen, the Neue Töne Open (Stuttgart), the concert series Südseite Nachts and Der Sommer in Stuttgart of the Musik der Jahrhunderte in the Theaterhaus Stuttgart, the Lachenmann PERSPEKTIVEN Festival, the lecture recital at the Royal Danish Academy of Music (Denmark), the concert series in the Dunkers Kulturhus (Helsingborg, Sweden), the Suså Festival (Denmark), the ECLAT Festival and various concert series of the S-K-A-M e. V. (Stuttgarter Kollektiv für Aktuelle Musik).

They have received the support and funding of institutions and foundations such as the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Science, Research and Art, LBBW BANK Stiftung, Musikfonds e. V., State Capital Cultural Office Stuttgart, Deutscher Komponistenverband (DKV), Stuttgarter Kollektiv für Aktuelle Musik e. V. and Musik der Jahrhunderte e. V.

TRIO vis-à-vis is currently funded by Inszene, a program of the Podium Gegenwart of the Deutscher Musikrat.

Natasha López

Natasha sings, laughs loud and could eat chorizo every day

Hugo Rannou

Hugo plays violoncello, or is he an actor after all?

Petra Arman

Petra plays flute, cioè does she really come from Italy?