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This Friday at Suså Festival in Denmark!

We are playing a brand new piece by our friend Jesse Broekman and having a second go on “replication #1″ by Nicolai Worsaae. Both pieces are really great, and we are really looking forward!

Check out the whole program here:



As part of the big 80th birthday celebration of Helmut Lachenmann: “Lachenmann Perspektiven“, we will perform his “temA”, aswell as the WP of Alberto Hortigüelas “Notturno”, written for TRIO vis-à-vis, on the 5th of December, in an Lecture Recital at the Musikhochschule Stuttgart, Kammermusiksaal, 17h:

Helmut Lachenmann: temA für Flöte, Stimme und Violoncello (1968)

Alberto Hortigüela: Neues Werk für Stimme, Flöte und Violoncello (2015, UA)

Moderation: Matthias Hermann



Pictures from our last concert in Theaterhaus Stuttgart. Next project coming up is with composer Alberto Hortigüela for the birthday celebration of Helmut Lachenmann later this year!

Tonight at 20h in Theaterhaus Stuttgart we will perform the first premieres of “Oceans made small”, written for us by Neil Thomas Smith, and “REPLICATION #1″, written for us by Nicolai Worsaae. Both composers came to rehearse with us – one from Birmingham, one from Copenhagen – how lucky are we?!

After a hard-working week both composers are happy, and we are sooooo excited and can’t wait!!!

We will then repeat the succes “Die Elbe” by Silvia Rosani and together with the two great ensembles NOISE-BRIDGE and NuART, we are going to perform the WP of “Face to Face” by Marco Bidin.
It is going to be an extremely exciting, hopefully fantastic evening!


Federico García LorcaOur new piece “Oceans made small” by Neil Thomas Smith is about the life and death of this handsome man, the spanish poet Federico García Lorca (1898-1936).

Here is a beautiful text from the piece. The text is from the poem “Dos lunas de tarde” (Two evening moons).

Natasha will be singing it in spanish, but here it is in english:

The evening sings
a lullaby to the oranges.

My sister sings:
“The earth is an orange.”

The moon says crying:
“I want to be an orange.”

You cannot be, my child,
even if you become a rose.
Not even a little lemon.
Oh, what a pity it is!

Welcome to our new website!

We are so happy to show you all what we have been working on and to keep you updated on upcoming concerts and projects.

Listen to our recordings and check out our repertoire with many exciting new pieces!

Our next project coming up is the collaboration between ensemble NuArt, NOISE-BRIDGE and TRIO vis-à-vis. On 8th of May 2015 at 20h we will perform 3 pieces written for us by three young, amazing composers, Silvia Rosani, Nicolai Worsaae, and our good friend Neil Thomas Smith in the Theaterhaus Stuttgart. We are very excited about this event, and welcome you all to join us!