As a contemporary chamber music ensemble, it is very important for us to work closely together with living composers. In this way we can take the time to work at a slower pace than is often required in today’s professional environment.  This then allows us to get to know the pieces in depth and to perform them in a manner personal to the trio.

An intense rehearsal period with Lachenmanns “temA” brought us together in February 2012 while studying contemporary music at the Musikhochschule in Stuttgart. Working with this composition, not least with Lachenmann himself, showed us the very special sound and color possibilities of this rare combination of instruments – Flute, Voice and Cello!

We decided to record Lachenmann’s “temA” in 2013, with great help from our then vice-chancellor and Lachenmann expert Matthias Hermann. The recording was sent to Lachenmann himself and from his winter residence in Italy he sent a response of such enthusiasm for our playing that we proudly decided to continue this trio. As he was the first to write for this combination of instruments, we naturally only had this one piece to play. Thus began the process of commissioning other pieces for our trio, to slowly build up an exciting repertoire by young composers of our generation.

We are also, as a constellation, a very colorful combination of personalities, and one could never have guessed that three people with such different backgrounds would match so well!

Natasha, our “voice” from Madrid, studied classical singing in Weimar.  She works with great passion and energy as a freelance singer and performer of contemporary music and as a performance artist in many different directions. Natasha has a strong character and a fiery temper that gives her a unique stage presence. Though when things go wrong, her laugh is contagious!

Sabine, our German flautist from Schwäbisch Gmünd, adds the grounding you need as a contemporary ensemble: not to go bananas every other rehearsal… Her heart beats to bring music into the lives of her many flute students, and she is as devoted and hard working as anyone. When Sabine’s parents sent her to flute lessons from the age of 11, they definitely did not expect that she would end up studying contemporary music! Today, her mother is our most faithful audience member.

Marie Louise, our Danish cellist, is the only one of us still studying – it seems like she can’t get enough diplomas! Up north, she plays with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and is active as a chamber musician, as well as being a bit of a closet contemporary cellist… Once in a while she escapes to Stuttgart, to perform with a lot of eagerness and charm.

The three of us together create a charming and colorful trio with a lot of character. As our name vis-à-vis indicates, we work together with great respect for each other, the composers and the audience.

We have collaborated with many different artists and taken part in many art projects and have performed n various music festivals, such as tonArt Esslingen, Neue Töne Open and Südseite Nachts.